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Welcome to FHLBNY Financial Intelligence! Discover the solutions you need to meet the goals of your institution in this collection. Keep checking back as we curate a financial intelligence hub dedicated to sharing our expertise on everything from funding strategies and the economy to changes in the financial marketplace.

Weekly Market Update

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Member Services Desk (MSD) Weekly Market Update. In response to member feedback and in an effort to provide our membership with valuable insight to help further your business goals, the MSD Weekly Market Update is designed to provide insight into current market trends and news and will be released every Monday.

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MSD Weekly Market Update: Week of July 26, 2020

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting will be the marquee event of a busy week. The FOMC is expected to reiterate that it expects to maintain an accommodative policy stance, with a federal funds rate target range of 0 to .25%, until it...

Taking Stock of the Current Economic Expansion

On a monthly basis, the recovery from the pandemic-induced shuttering of the U.S. economy marked its one-year anniversary in April. Buoyed by massive fiscal support and expanding COVID-19 vaccinations across the country, economic growth has accelerated...

Crisis, Regulation & Technology: The Complicated Past, Present & Future of Financial Services

In this one-hour session, Professor Thomas P. Vartanian will discuss his new book, 200 Years of American Financial Panics: Crashes, Recessions, Depressions, And The Technology That Will Change It All...

ESG & Climate Risk: An Introduction for Financial Services Institutions

There is an increased focus on Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors for financial institutions, and opportunities for your organization to reap the benefits of acting in the long term. This presentation will provide participants with an introduction to ESG concepts focusing on climate...

Evolution of Payments

After a long period of gradual advancements, we see an accelerated pace of change and innovation across the payment space. The financial services industry will undoubtedly have to adapt quickly to these coming changes. In this one-hour session...

The Evolution of CDFIs and Their Growing Partnership Opportunity with the FHLBNY

A discussion about the growing partnership between CDFIs and the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York. Our special guest presenter, Clifford Rosenthal, has served in the CDFI movement’s leadership for over two decades, was the first director of the Office of Financial Empowerment...

LIBOR Transition: Fourth Quarter or Overtime?

The transition away from LIBOR has been years in the making. This year was to be the Fourth Quarter with the end of LIBOR targeted to be December 31, 2021. Recently, the Official Sector confirmed mid-2023 as the new USD LIBOR end date, putting...

You Can’t Predict, But You Can Prepare: Getting Ready for the Rest of 2021

Back by popular demand, Scott Hildenbrand presents a timely discussion focused on balance sheet strategies and tactics in the current operating environment...

The Next M&A Wave is Here: What are the implications for consolidators and independent-minded institutions?

As we emerge from the current COVID-19 crisis, we are seeing significant structural changes occurring within the financial industries that are certain to impact the pace of M&A. The low-rate environment continues to challenge the bottom-line, consumer behavior is changing...

Balance Sheet Strategies with 2020 Hindsight: Margin & Earnings Pressures Intensifying

As we enter 2021, lower interest margins and net interest income pressures continue across the industry with no end in sight. Credit-related uncertainties and concerns are also notably elevated, as evidenced by a spike in CECL/ALLL provisions. Filling the hole in earnings for 2021...

Our Year of the Pandemic: An Industry Review

This webinar provides a look at the pandemic, the current and future state of our industry, and how to apply the lessons learned over the past year to navigating 2021 and beyond

Turning the Page: The U.S. and Local Economic Outlook

The year ahead appears poised to be a turning point for the U.S. and local economies. The discovery and growing distribution of vaccines against COVID-19 should allow a return to some normalcy later this year. At the same time, a new administration in Washington...

Starting the Year Right: Strategies for Success in 2021

As we enter a new year still amid a global pandemic, it is becoming quite clear that 2021 will begin with a tremendous amount of uncertainty. The new year will pose a challenging operating environment to our members marked by strong headwinds and some...

Balance Sheet Strategies vs. Tactics: Preparing for Q4 and 2021

There are effective tactics worth examining and executing in today's rate environment and economic landscape. But don't get comfortable that you have set a strategy simply by executing tactics...

Digital Transformation Simplified

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more clear that community financial institutions matter. It has also highlighted an open secret - outdated technology is holding back the industry, and banks...

How Strong a Rebound?

The US Economy is gradually re-opening and there are encouraging signs that the coming recovery may indeed be V-shaped. Is such optimism warranted with lingering headwinds from the pandemic still on the horizon?

Managing Depositors and Deposit Flows

Managing deposit costs is more than just pricing. In this second session of the two-part webinar series presented by Parliment Consulting Services, Janet Lockwood presents analytical tools...

Lending in the Midst of a Perfect Storm

Navigating through this current crisis presents formidable challenges for our members relating to diminished loan demand, a very difficult rate environment....

The Great Transition: LIBOR to SOFR

In this webinar, Rei Shinozuka summarized the history of the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), and why U.S. dollar rates are transitioning to the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR)...

Member Credit

It is important to understand how the FHLBNY views the financial condition of its members. This understanding is even more critical during times of economic turmoil...

Looking for Light at the End of the Tunnel

The COVID-19 outbreak has triggered the sharpest contraction in U.S. economic activity and rise in unemployment since the Great Depression...

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans: Entering the Next Phase

Our members that PPP lending has been a primary focus, with many unknowns still yet to unfold. In this session, we welcome Michael Schor and Sunil Kapur of Deloitte, who will explore topics such as...

Collateral Practices During COVID-19

This educational webinar to explore the issues impacting member collateral during the COVID-19 crisis. Topics will include valuations, loan forbearance programs, acceptance of....

ALM Strategies for Unprecedented Times

In this virtual event series, the webinar is a moderated discussion which addresses the current health crisis and its significant impacts on the balance sheets of our members....

Looking Ahead to the Grand Reopening

Following a period of prolonged economic weakness, the economy is finally heating up and the Federal Reserve is tightening by raising interest rates. While net interest margins are improving for...

Podcast Series — The Great Transition: LIBOR-SOFR, Episodes 5 and 6

In these final episodes of “The Great Transition: LIBOR-SOFR” podcast series, we focus on the various uses of LIBOR in the marketplace as well as what our regulators are doing to help facilitate the transition.

Podcast Series — The Great Transition: LIBOR-SOFR, Episodes 3 and 4

In episode 3, “Jumping on the SOFR Bandwagon,” we discuss the differences between LIBOR and SOFR-indexed instruments as well as how to leverage the potential benefits of SOFR for your institution.

Podcast Series — The Great Transition: LIBOR-SOFR, Episodes 1 and 2

The FHLBNY is pleased to present our new podcast series, “The Great Transition: LIBOR-SOFR.” In episode 1, we take a deep dive into the history behind the London Inter-bank Offered Rate (LIBOR) and what you can expect as the industry transitions to the Secured...

Despite Yield-Curve Inversions, Recession Appears A Long Way Off

Even before it became the longest expansion in U.S. history in July, the longevity of the current business cycle upturn prompted market participants and commentators to look for signs of its impending demise. With real business activity ambling along at an above-trend pace and...

Now What? Navigating Fearlessly Through a Turbulent Environment

Bring Your ALM Strategies Out of Hibernation this Groundhog's Day! Presented by Frank L. Farone | Darling Consulting Group (DCG). Designed to address credit union-specific challenges and opportunities, and learn how to properly assess and manage today's risks while maximizing...

Interest Rate Risk, Liquidity, and the Net Economic Value Supervisory Test

Interest rate risk is a paramount regulatory concern. Managing that risk and being able to justify your balance sheet strategies is critical to success. This session will give our Credit Union membership the tools they need to overcome challenges and make the most of...

Achieve Optimal Performance: Balance Sheet Strategies for a Flattening Yield Curve Environment

Following a period of prolonged economic weakness, the economy is finally heating up and the Federal Reserve is tightening by raising interest rates. While net interest margins are improving for many, others are feeling the squeeze from the flattening yield curve.

LIBOR’s Transition to SOFR

The LIBOR Transition is the biggest transformation in financial services today, affecting some $200 trillion of U.S. Dollar transactions. LIBOR is slated for cessation at the end of 2021. Increasingly, financial regulators in the US and UK are speaking out about LIBOR reform, and...

Positioning Your Institution for Success

What if you had the ability, through your membership in the FHLBNY, to optimize your balance sheet, reduce risk, enhance your bottom line, grow capital or invest in your business? Being a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York (FHLBNY) puts...

Amortizing Advances

Some members elect to sell long-term, fixed-rate residential mortgages to the secondary market rather than confront the interest rate risk associated with these loans. Forgoing the spread associated with residential mortgages could be a missed opportunity for financial institutions.

You Have the Power — Using the Callable Advance for Flexible Funding in Challenging Times

The Callable Advance was developed in consultation with our members to help meet their changing liquidity needs and to assist in their asset/liability management. The Callable Advance is essentially a Fixed-Rate Advance that gives members the option of calling (terminating)...

CLP Advances — FHLBNY’s Lowest Priced Path to Community Growth

Most of our member-lenders know the core of the FHLBNY’s mission is advancing housing opportunity and local community development. However, they may not know our Community Lending Programs (CLP) features the lowest priced source of FHLBNY funding to support...

Interest Rate Swaps: Consider All the Options in Managing Interest Rate Risk

Interest Rate Swaps can be an effective tool in managing asset/liability mismatches present in many of our member’s balance sheets. Mismatches occur when a member funds long-term assets using short-term liabilities, or vice versa. Interest Rate Swaps involve...

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Is My Funding Strategy the Fairest of Them All?

As the current interest rate cycle progresses, the yield curve has inverted with long-term treasury rates testing historic lows. The push on deposit growth in 2018 has left many banks and credit unions with a higher cost of funds than in years past,...

What Goes Up Must Come Down—Managing Interest-Rate Risk with the Fixed-Rate with Cap

The FHLBNY Fixed-Rate Advance with a LIBOR Cap (Fixed-Rate with Cap) product is a hybrid funding option that combines a fixed-rate borrowing with an embedded interest-rate cap that is tied to the 3-Month LIBOR rate, with maturities from 1 to 10 years.

Principal-Deferred Advance

The Principal-Deferred Advance (PDA) is a hybrid advance product that combines elements of the Fixed-Rate Advance and the Amortizing Advance. With the PDA, principal payments are deferred for a predetermined period, while the interest rate is locked in for the life of the advance.

FHLBNY Putable Advance Modification Program

In an effort to provide our members with additional solutions for today’s challenging economic environment, the FHLBNY is pleased to offer the opportunity to modify certain puttable advances into new fixed-rate advance structures...

Symmetrical Prepayment Advance (SPA) Feature

Federal Home Loan Bank of New York (FHLBNY) members have the ability, at the time of the trade, to add symmetry to certain advances with maturities of one year or greater. The SPA feature allows members to receive compensation for favorable changes in the...

ALCO Decision Making—Making the Right Decisions at the Right Time

In a period of slow economic growth, many credit unions face unprecedented challenges. Pressure on net interest margins, declining fee revenues, and heightened operating regulatory expenses all have contributed to the decline in bottom-line income and stress on capital levels.

FHLBNY Advance Rebate Program

Under the Advance Rebate Program, which represents an enhancement to our current advance prepayment methodology, the FHLBNY will provide members with a cash rebate on a portion of the fees paid relating to the early extinguishment of eligible advances when...

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