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Financial Intelligence

Lending in the Midst of a Perfect Storm

A Risk- and Cost-Adjusted Approach to Pricing Loans

Presented by: Dr. Thomas J. Parliment, Chairman and CEO of Parliment Consulting Services

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Navigating through this current crisis presents formidable challenges for our members relating to diminished loan demand, a very difficult rate environment, asset quality uncertainty and concern about the immediate and long-term futures for our national and local economies. Now more than ever it is important to rationalize loan pricing to optimize financial performance, address risks and to win deals!

In this webinar, Dr. Tom addresses thought-provoking loan pricing concepts which can assist you in remaining competitive amidst significant turbulence, while incorporating credit risk adjustments to loan pricing which will encompass controversial COVID-19 stress testing.

Dr. Tom will make you think, may compel you to challenge and justify your current loan pricing practices, and will certainly entertain you during this hour-long segment in our webinar series. 

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