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1Link® Migration
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LIBOR to SOFR Transition

View resources which can help you to prepare your institution for the transition
from the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) to the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR).


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2018 Annual Report to Members

Read about our sustained growth and how
our strategy positions us as a pivotal partner
for your business journey and drives our
cooperative forward…


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“As long as markets remain open, and a member has
pledged sufficient qualifying collateral and is willing to
purchase the requisite amount of capital stock, the
FHLBNY will always continue to lend to our members to
help you meet your community’s needs. ”

José R. González
President and Chief Executive Officer

Interested in a strategic planning session for your leadership team?
FHLBNY Education Programs
Our Focus. Your Strategic Advantage.

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Report from the President: United by Our Mission
At the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York, our housing mission is a source of pride for our employees. At the center of this mission is our Affordable Housing Program; as the AHP is funded through our earnings, it takes contributions from every aspect of our organization to drive our performance and help ensure that the AHP remains a reliable source of grant funding for affordable housing initiatives.
1Link® Migration: Phase I - Interim Portal Roll-out
The FHLBNY is developing an all-new 1Link® portal. The migration to this new portal will happen in phases, starting with phase I of the transition on January 10, 2020.
John R. Buran Re-elected Chairman of FHLBNY
The FHLBNY announced today that John R. Buran has been re-elected by its Board of Directors (Board) to serve as the Board’s chairman for a two-year term that will commence on January 1, 2020.


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The FHLBNY hosted “Food for Thought,” an evening that brought together leaders from both the ...more


A Review of Housing Statistics at the End of 2019

Economic Perspectives

Interest rates on adjustable- and fixed-rate mortgage loans have fallen by over a percentage point ...more

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To advance housing opportunity and local community development…

The FHLBNY meets our mission by providing members with access to economical wholesale credit and assistance to increase the availability of home finance to families of all incomes.

Core Values

Our Core Values formalize the principles that have long reflected our culture and guided our decision-making

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With a focus on diversity and inclusion, the FHLBNY views career development not as an expense but rather an investment. Explore our wide range of opportunities available to you.

Diversity & Inclusion

The ideals of mutual respect, teamwork, and serving the diverse communities in our district are at the core of the FHLBNY’s culture and are the driving force behind our D&I efforts.

Housing Programs

As part of our mission, the FHLBNY is committed to providing affordable housing opportunities to families and communities through our member financial institutions.

Become a Member

Members of the FHLBNY have access to a number of unique benefits, including low-cost funding and our various housing and community development programs. See if your institution qualifies.