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About Us

The Federal Home Loan Bank of New York

The Federal Home Loan Bank of New York (FHLBNY) helps community lenders in New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands advance housing and community growth. The FHLBNY is part of the congressionally chartered, nationwide Federal Home Loan Bank System, which was created in 1932 to provide a flexible credit liquidity source for member community lenders engaged in home mortgage and neighborhood lending. The FHLBNY increases the availability of mortgages and home finance to families of all income levels by offering high-value correspondent and cash management services to assist our members in more effectively serving their neighborhoods and meeting their Community Reinvestment Act responsibilities.

Our Mission

The mission of the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York is to provide members with reliable liquidity in support of housing and local community development.

The FHLBNY meets our mission by providing our members with access to economical wholesale credit and assistance through our credit products, mortgage finance program, housing, and community lending programs, and correspondent services. Access to liquidity enables our members to meet their customers’ needs and is crucial to the health of local economies and the growth of individuals, households, and communities.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values formalize the principles that have long reflected our culture and guided our decision-making:

  • Focus on members
  • Foster a collaborative and responsive work environment
  • Support diversity and inclusion in a respectful manner across our business
  • Uphold our integrity and promote accountability
  • Be results-oriented and mindful of our risk profile

How We Lend Money

FHLBNY credit products enhance the financial strength of local lenders, providing them with a reliable source of liquidity at competitive prices so they in turn can help meet the housing finance and credit needs of their communities. Since the FHLBNY is a secured lender, all of our credit products require collateral to maintain our positions as a accessible and cost effective source of credit for members. Collateral can take the form of securities, residential or multi-family mortgages, or in some cases, commercial real estate.

How We Help All Communities

The FHLBNY enables local lenders to extend affordable credit to their communities. Thanks to the Federal Home Loan Bank System, communities across the country have access to more affordable housing, small business, and community development programs.

How We Help Low-Income Communities

Each year since 1990, the FHLBNY has contributed 10% of its income to the Affordable Housing Program (AHP). This program subsidizes long-term financing for very low-, low-, and moderate-income families. The FHLBNY also offers Community Lending Programs and the Homebuyer Dream Program®, a grant program for first-time homebuyers.

The Federal Home Loan Bank System

There are 11 district banks within the Federal Home Loan Bank System, located in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Des Moines, Indianapolis, New York, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Topeka, altogether having a membership of over 8,000 financial institutions.

The Federal Home Loan Banks are all privately capitalized and operated by their member stockholders. They receive no taxpayer funding and raise their funds by issuing debt instruments in the capital markets.

The System is supervised by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which ensures that the Federal Home Loan Banks operate in a financially safe and sound manner, remain adequately capitalized and able to raise funds in the capital markets, and carry out their housing finance mission.

map of Federal Home Loan Banks nationwide

Key Contacts

Relationship Managers:
(212) 441-6700
[email protected]

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Our Security Posture

The FHLBNY takes protecting our members’ information and data very seriously, and became ISO 27001 certified on October 15, 2022 to continue our commitment to enhance our cybersecurity and resiliency.