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Balance Sheet Strategies with 2020 Hindsight:
Margin & Earnings Pressures Intensifying

Frank Farone, Darling Consulting Group Managing Director, returns for an update to last May’s session,
“ALM Strategies for Unprecedented Times.”

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As we enter 2021, lower interest margins and net interest income pressures continue across the industry with no end in sight. Credit-related uncertainties and concerns are also notably elevated, as evidenced by a spike in CECL/ALLL provisions. Filling the hole in earnings for 2021 and beyond requires a clear understanding of your institution’s risk profile and developing strategies now to weather the current and potential perfect storm ahead.

This webinar will address the following to help position your institution for success this year and beyond:


Is cash burning a hole in your pocket? How much is too much? What to do now?


Deposit surge lessons from 2020 and past cycles, including forecasts using DCG results


Funding strategies to consider regardless of liquidity position – retail, wholesale, pre-funding, go long or short?


Positioning your institution for loan growth – Pricing and lending negotiation strategies in a commoditized market – hold versus sell? How to quantify to others that fixed-rate lending reduces risk!


Derivatives revisited for any size institution: 2020 examples/case studies revealed


How to get more out of ALCO process and key considerations for 2021

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