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Diversity & Inclusion

We are Diverse, Inclusive and Committed to Our Employees

Respecting our differences and reflecting the diversity of our communities

At the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York (FHLBNY), the ideals of mutual respect, teamwork, and serving the diverse communities in our district are at the core of our corporate culture and are the driving force behind our diversity and inclusion efforts.

We see diversity as a competitive strength and leverage our differences to be the best.

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We promote a respectful and inclusive workspace where all of our employees have the opportunity to contribute and succeed at the FHLBNY. Our collaborative approach to diversity and inclusion strengthens the relations we have with our employees and business partners.

We advocate for career development opportunities that lead to leadership positions for employees, and by engaging in outreach to, and education of our minority, women and disabled-owned business partners to help improve opportunities to grow their businesses and succeed.

We are proud of our diversity and inclusion initiatives and encourage you to participate by applying for employment opportunities, or registering as a potential vendor through our Supplier Diversity Program registration.

Join us and let the FHLBNY be part of your professional journey

We contribute to
the American dream
of homeownership

We are a diverse,
inclusive and committed workforce

We see career
development as an investment

We offer benefits
for all phases of life

We foster
collaboration and a culture of giving back

Join us and let the FHLBNY be part of your professional journey