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Financial Intelligence

Starting the Year Right:
Strategies for Success in 2021

Presented by: Tommy Warren, CPA-Senior Vice President,
Sales and Business Development, Vining Sparks

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As we enter a new year still amid a global pandemic, it is becoming quite clear that 2021 will begin with a tremendous amount of uncertainty. The new year will pose a challenging operating environment to our members marked by strong headwinds and some of the following unanswered questions:

What, if any, fiscal stimulus or monetary policy intervention can we anticipate?

Will the low/flat yield curve persist?

What changes in the regulatory environment can we expect?

Will new pandemic treatments or a vaccine be successful in getting the economy back on track?

Will the transition away from LIBOR be smooth and successful?

Which investment portfolio and other balance sheet strategies are appropriate considering this very low rate environment?

How do you best utilize off-balance sheet derivative products to enhance your bottom line and reduce risks?

In this forty-five minute webinar, Tommy Warren will review the current challenging interest-rate environment and present valuable ideas to help any institution begin the year positioned to compete and succeed. This timely and informative session is one you will not want to miss!

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