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Amortizing Advances

Some members elect to sell long-term, fixed-rate residential mortgages to the secondary market rather than confront the interest rate risk associated with these loans. Forgoing the spread associated with residential mortgages could be a missed opportunity for financial institutions. One option available to members is using a FHLBNY Amortizing Advance to match-fund residential mortgage production, which aids in mitigating interest rate risk and preserving spread. Members may book Amortizing Advances structured to match the anticipated average life of the underlying mortgage portfolio. Amortizing Advances can be structured in a variety of ways with your choice of final maturity (5 to 30 years) and amortization schedules (full amortization or balloon options). Advances can be crafted to specifically match the terms of a particular transaction or an entire mortgage pool. This will enable a member to lock in a spread for a period of time with the advance extinguishing according to the average life of the mortgage or mortgage pool.

Features of the Amortizing Advance:

  • Fixed monthly payments, comprised of principal and interest
  • Interest payments due the first business day each month
  • Interest calculated on a 30/360-day basis
  • Forward starting capabilities, like many other advance products
  • Maturities available out to 30 years, but shorter maturities than the amortization term are also available with a balloon payment, due at maturity
  • Prepayable – members can build the prepayment language into their loan covenants to protect against prepayment risk (prepayment language can be found in the FHLBNY’s Member Products Guide)
  • The Amortizing Advance structure is also available under the Community Lending Programs for a significant savings if eligibility criteria are met

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