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Community Lending Programs System

Community Lending Programs (CLP) System

Our Community Lending Programs (CLP) System allows members to easily submit, verify and monitor CLP applications and funds. Enroll today to access CLP advances.

Key benefits include:

  • Simple online application submission with upload capabilities
  • Real-time view of program and member caps and limits via the Member Dashboard
  • Ability to verify and track application submissions and approvals
  • On-demand reporting capabilities

Steps to Enroll

The CLP System will require multi-factor authentication (MFA), and all CLP System Users (Users), will be required to use an RSA SecurID® token (Token). This is the same protocol as our 1Link System.

  1. Complete and submit the Global Authorization Form (GAF)*
  2. Activate Token: Upon completing the GAF, you will receive a Token device enrollment invitation via email.** If you currently have a Token from 1Link, once you complete the GAF, you will be able to use the same Token and 1Link credentials to access the CLP System.
  3. You are all set to access the CLP System via the login dropdown on the homepage.

*The GAF is used for access to various FHLBNY operating systems. Access to the new CLP System is located in section 4. Please note, any updated GAF submission will supersede prior GAFs submitted for the User.

**For spam filtering purposes, please ensure [email protected] are permitted senders. Token device enrollment invitations will be coming from this email address.

If you have any questions regarding MFA, please contact 1Link Security Support at (800) 546-5101: after the prompt, press option 4, then option 2, or contact your Relationship Manager at (212) 441-6700. If you have questions about the CLP System, please contact [email protected].