1Link® is the FHLBNY’s secure internet banking system designed just for members. Since its inception, 1Link® has proved to be an efficient, alternate channel for accessing information and reports, and performing everyday transactions online.

The system platform is convenient and user-friendly, offering the latest technology, added flexibility, real-time postings for all reporting functions, and enhanced transaction processing functionality!

Upon the receipt of your RSA™ Security Device, you must establish a PIN in 1Link® to transact wires using the instructions in the referenced User Guide below*. (Please note the below process is for creating a new wire transaction. The process for setting a new PIN will follow the same general steps (5-9) if you approve a wire instead of create one.)

Did you know you can transact with the FHLBNY remotely via 1Link®?

Remote access can come in handy when you’re on the go. Through 1Link®, your institution’s authorized users have the ability to obtain account balances and perform business transactions (Advances, Wire Transfers and Book Wires) from alternate worksites.

Please note: For business transactions, the user will need their Security Device in their possession. The alternate worksite computer must meet the minimum system requirements to access 1Link®. Should you encounter any issues when attempting to access 1Link®, contact the 1Link® Helpdesk at (800) 546-5101.

Registration Information and Agreements


Review the System Requirements


Complete the Global Authorization Form (GAF) for the employees requesting access to 1Link®

Complete the Global Authorization Form Waiver Letter only if your Corporate/Assistant Corporate Secretary is authorized to conduct transactions with the FHLBNY.

Please return the completed GAF to:
Member Services Desk
Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
101 Park Avenue, 6th Fl.
New York, NY 10178-0601
Fax: (888) 486-2307
Email: [email protected]

Complete the Security Device Application Form (SAF) for the employees requesting access to 1Link® to process transactions

Email a copy of the completed SAF to [email protected]

You will receive your Security Device shortly thereafter. Upon receipt of the Security Device you must setup your device with a digital 1Link® transaction signing certificate following the Security Device Setup Instructions. This Security Device when setup will allow you to conduct transactions securely. For assistance with activating your Security Device, contact the helpdesk at (800) 546-5101, and after the prompt, press 2 – 3 – 3.

Information Reporting

Add value to your membership by taking advantage of all the Information Reporting features 1Link® offers.


Prior and Current Day Reporting – Review, download, export, or print reports reflecting account balances and transaction details


Customize reports to meet your needs, e.g. list transactions over a specified amount to facilitate daily cash management


Access many FHLBNY’s standard daily and periodic reports at your convenience

Report Delivery Information — Schedule automatic delivery of information to yourself and others in your institution via email, such as:


Prior and Current Day Reports


Customized Reports


Special Reports


Wire & Advances Reports

Alerts — Receive information on some event that has occurred or a trigger for something you may need to do, such as approve a transaction by scheduling alerts.

The following Alerts are currently available in the 1Link® system:

Advance Transaction Status – Alerts Users when an Advance is at a certain status

Transaction Status– Alerts Users when a Trade is at a certain status

We will notify users as additional alerts become available.


1Link® utilizes advanced technology and security procedures to create a safe banking environment for members to conveniently perform everyday transactions online, like transferring funds, and initiating advances.

Funds Transfer Benefits

Import Wire transactions from Excel spreadsheets directly into 1Link®, allowing the processing of multiple wires at the same time

Export wire transaction detail to assist in the processing of your OFAC files

Process book wires to internal FHLBNY accounts

As a reminder, our 1Link® Wire Transfer Window closes at 4:00 pm each day.

Advances Benefits

Short-term forward-start Advances available on Advance types listed below

See your entire Outstanding Advances Portfolio in real-time

Request real-time rate indications on Advance products where applicable

You can create the following Advance transactions through 1Link®:

Type Term
Overnight 1 Day
Short-Term Fixed 1 Week to Eleven Months

(Other user-defined maturity, but not greater than 330 days)

Repo 1 Week to 6 Months

(Other user-defined maturity, but not greater than 180 days)

Repo Over 6 Months to 11 Months

($25 million per transaction limit until noon)

Need help performing transactions? No problem.

Contact the 1Link® Helpdesk at (800) 546-5101 or via email at [email protected].
The FHLBNY will provide updates on additional advance products and terms that will be available in the 1Link® system.


1Link® Helpdesk

E-Mail: [email protected]
Telephone Number: (800) 546-5101
Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

For assistance with Settlement Services (Fed and ACH), Press 4


For assistance with your Overnight Investment Account, Press 5


For Collateral Services, Press 6 …more options


To speak with an Operator, Stay on the Line or Press 7

1Link® Security Administrators

Telephone Number: (800) 546-5101, and after the prompt, press 2 – 3 – 3

To view additional Federal Home Loan Bank of New York contacts, click here


1Link® Helpdesk:

(800) 546-5101
[email protected]


FHLBNY’s secure online banking system designed just for members

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