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Independent Bankers Association of New York State

Executive Bankers Symposium

September 11-13, 2023
1000 Islands Harbor Hotel, Clayton, NY

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Don’t Miss the session, “What Lies Beyond the Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy Tightening Cycle?” on Tuesday, September 12 from 8:15-9:05 a.m., presented by FHLBNY Financial Economist, Brian Jones.

Surging consumer prices prompted the Federal Open Market Committee to embark on the most aggressive tightening of monetary policy in over four decades. While inflation promises to remain above the 2% target desired by central bankers for some time, policymakers have signaled that they expect rate hikes to end this year. Both Federal Reserve officials and market participants currently expect a series of reductions in the federal funds rate target range over the course of 2024. Real economic activity continues to expand at an above-trend pace, yet probability models anticipate that a recession over the next two years will be unavoidable. In contrast to those projections, could policymakers finally be successful in engineering the ever-elusive soft meeting? What lies ahead for the national and local economies over the balance of 2023 and beyond? What are the implications for interest rates and financial markets? Will housing markets remain challenged? What about commercial real estate? Will activity in the FHLBNY district continue to lag the remainder of the Nation or catch up over the course of 2024?

We look forward to connecting with our members throughout the event.

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