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1Link® Portals

Enhancements Have Been Made to the 1Link-IPR User Interface

1Link-IPR has a new user-friendly interface designed to enrich your user experience and improve efficiency. For your reference, view the updated 1Link-IPR User Guide.

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Please note: until all phases of the 1Link® migration are complete, all transaction activity, such as wires and advance processing, must still be accessed and executed using the current 1Link® portal.

As part of the 1Link® Migration, 1Link® users may now access an interim portal called 1Link-IPR. Here, you may view reporting, current/prior day Overnight Investment Account balances, and supporting details.

New features available in 1Link-IPR include:


All accounts, report subscriptions and custom reports will be visible across your entire organization


Self-service password reset will be available via a ‘Forgot Password’ link


Transaction search results are now exportable to multiple file formats