Credit Union Survival in a Challenging Environment

Presented by Frank L. Farone, Managing Director of Darling Consulting Group (DCG)
The presentation was an informative discussion about specific strategies, tactics, and plans of action to help credit unions thrive in what is expected to be a challenging period in credit union history.

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  • Webinar topics include:
  • Margin compression, lower earnings, and higher levels of interest rate risk - balance sheet strategies to consider NOW.
  • Deposit pricing strategies to consider, and others to avoid.
  • Current wholesale funding strategies which may work best for your balance sheet.
  • Buy, sell, or hold mortgages? Is now the time to hold longer-term assets?
  • Concerns about rising interest rates and methods to help mitigate - rate scenarios to consider (shocks, ramps, yield curve shifts).
  • Strategies for optimizing the risk-return dynamics for your credit union - regardless of what others may or may not be doing.
  • Best Practices of "Top Performing" credit union ALCO teams.

About Frank Farone
Frank consults nationwide with CEOs and CFOs of banks to increase earnings through the proactive management of capital, liquidity/funding risk, and interest rate risk. He is a frequent speaker and author on topics such as industry issues and trends, funding solutions, regulatory issues, interest rate risk management, capital management, and derivatives hedging techniques.

Frank was designated a “top-rated” speaker by FMS and is well known for his popular seminar “Turbo Charging Your ALCO Process” having helped thousands of bankers across the country.

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