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October 1
In September, I had the honor of speaking at both the IBANYS Annual Convention and the NJBankers Senior Management Conference. In both presentations, I spoke about the value of reliability. Our members benefit from a strong and reliable Home Loan Bank, and that is...more

At the Bank

August 28
On August 13 th , the Office of Finance published the Federal Home Loan Bank System’s Combined Financial Report for the second quarter of 2014. I am pleased to report that the System is strong. The System’s results for the quarter were solid, with $514...more

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FHLBNY Announces 3Q 2014 Operating Highlights

October 29
New York, NY – The Federal Home Loan Bank of New York (“FHLBNY”) today announced its unaudited financial highlights for the quarter ended September 30, 2014. “Our members rely on the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York to provide steady...more

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FHLBNY Bulletin No. 016

September 30
GNU Bash Remote Code Execution Vulnerability The Federal Home Loan Bank of New York is aware of the Bourne Again Shell script vulnerability known as the “Bash Bug”, “Shellshock”, or the GNU Bash Remote Code Execution Vulnerability ....more

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FHLBNY Advantage

Tap into the FHLBNY’s Letters of Credit Program to Help Preserve Liquidity and Enhance Business

September 2014
L/Cs have become a key component to our members’ businesses and have gained significant momentum over the years. Keeping highly liquid securities unencumbered has grown in importance with the onset of new regulations. Our members have begun to tap into the value of the FHLBNY’s products (including L/Cs) to a larger degree and utilize whole loan mortgage collateral to the greatest extent possible so that their liquid assets remain unencumbered....more

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November 24
Board Election ballots due no later than 5pm

October 3
ALCO Decision Making webinar now available

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November 10
First Home Clubsm Enrollment Period

December 10
First Home Clubsm Enrollment Period

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November 4
American Council of Life Insurers - Senior Investment Managers Seminar 2014

November 6
MPF Workshop: Delinquency Management