FHLBNY Bulletin No. 025

Bulletin 25

Update to the 2017 Fee Schedules

Members have found it beneficial to set up and use Repetitive Wire Templates (“Templates”) to initiate outgoing telephonic wires that contain static “repetitive” information. Such use of Templates result in increased efficiencies as less time is needed to complete an outgoing wire transfer, reduced cost as compared to Non-Repetitive Wires and decreased operational risk caused by human error. 

The Federal Home Loan Bank of New York (“FHLBNY”) as your partner in an effort to help our Members be more efficient, will reduce the fee for Repetitive Wires by $5, effective January 1, 2017:

  • Updated fees for telephonic initiated Repetitive Wires: $12

All other Credit, Collateral and Correspondent Services Fees will remain the same for 2017.

Please contact the FHLBNY Electronic Payments group at 1-800-824-2426 if you have any questions or require assistance to set up Templates. You can access the Fee Schedules by signing on to 1Linksm, our internet banking system and clicking on the 'Manuals and Guides'. 

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