General Collateral Forms

If you need assistance with these forms or agreements, please contact a Calling Officer at (212) 441-6700.

For an overview of the collateral process, please visit our Collateral Guide.

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HLB-113 Revised Member Representations and Warranties PDF
SFK-001 Delivery Instructions and Deadlines for Securities PDF
COL-101 Revised Subsidiary/Affiliate Representations and Warranties PDF
COL-104 Private Placement Checklist PDF
COL-106 Delivery of Mortgage Collateral Procedures PDF
COL-107 Mortgage Status Report Form PDF
COL-109 Request for Mortgage Collateral Withdrawal XLS
COL-110 1-4 Family/Manufacturing Housing Loan Required Documents Checklist PDF
COL-111 1-4 Family Loan Required Documents Checklist (Puerto Rico Properties) PDF
COL-112 Co-op Loan Required Documents Checklist PDF
COL-114 Multifamily/Commercial Mortgage Loans Required Documentation Checklist PDF
COL-115 Assignment of Mortgage Collateral PDF
COL-116 Assignment of Mortgage Collateral (Puerto Rico) PDF
COL-118 Multifamily/Commercial Assignment of Mortgage Collateral Form PDF
COL-121 Collateral System Mortgage Data Format Layout PDF
COL-122 Collateral System Excel Format Template XLS
COL-125 Pledge Questionnaire PDF
COL-128-RESI Request Form for Approval of Individual Residential Loans of $25 Million or Greater PDF
COL-138 FHLBNY Pledging of Purchased Pool Guidelines PDF
COL-145 MERS Questionnaire PDF
COL-146 Sample Note Allonge Format PDF
COL-150 Standing Instructions Agreement PDF
COL-151 Sample Standing Instructions Agreement PDF
COL-153 Vault/Secure File Room Questionnaire PDF
COL-154 Email Submission Form XLS
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