Housing Associate Certification Application

The following is a list of Forms, Applications and Documents that are required for a Housing Associate Certification at the HLB. These documents are available in PDF format.

Please submit the following documents required for housing associate certification application:

  1. Original FHLBNY Housing Associate Certification Application.

    Original Forms & Agreements for Housing Associates (refer to HLB-100n).
  2. Original Security Device Application Form for individuals requesting 1Linksm transaction authorization (at least one user). 
  3. Current U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Yearly Verification Report, if unavailable, a HUD documentation stating that the Federal Housing Administration of the HUD has approved your institution as a mortgagee under Title II of the National Housing Act.
  4. Copy of or citation to the statutes or regulation under which your institution was created that your institution is a government agency or a chartered institution having succession subject to inspection and supervision of a government agency.

    Note: To qualify as a State Housing Finance Agency, your institution must be a public agency, authority or publicly sponsored corporation that serves as an instrumentality of a state or political subdivision of a state and functions as a source of residential mortgage loan financing in that state; or a legally established agency, authority, corporation or organization that serves as an instrumentality of a Native American tribe, band, group, nation or community recognized by the United States or a state and functions as a source of residential mortgage loan financing for that community.
  5. Latest two audited financial statements, if unavailable, financial documents that include mortgage loan assets and their funding liabilities providing evidence that your institution lends its own funds as its principal activity in the mortgage field for the last three years.

    Note: An institution acts principally as a broker for others making mortgage loans or whose principal activity is to make mortgage loans for the account of others does not meet this requirement.
  6. Latest regulatory audit report, examination report, or external audit report.
  7. Home financing policy written justification, on your letterhead, detailing how and why your home financing policy is consistent with the FHLB System’s housing finance mission, and how and why your home financing credit policy and lending practices meet the credit needs of your community.
  8. Copy of written notification to primary regulator indicating your intent to join FHLBNY.
  9. If you intend to pledge mortgages as collateral, submit loan data through FHLBNY File Transfer Service.

Please also submit the following documents:

  1.  Business Plan.
  2.  Asset/Liability Management and Interest Rate Risk Policy.

Please contact a Calling Officer at (212) 441-6700 or John Brandon at (212) 441-6884 if you need assistance with the forms.


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