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FHC-110Program GuidelinesPDF
FHC-101Enrollment ReportXLSM
AHP-1002015 AHP Implementation PlanPDF
FHC-117VIU.S. Virgin Islands Retention DocumentsPDF
COL-012Getting Started with the FHLBNY Mortgage Data ReportingPDF
FHC-117 Retention Documents pdf
FHC-110 Program Guidelines pdf
FHC-101 Enrollment Report xlsm
FHC-105 Funding Certification pdf
FHC-104 Enrollment Terms and Conditions Agreement1 pdf
FHC/APP-100 Club Member Application pdf
AHP-011NY Mortgage Revenue Bond Income Limits - New York pdf
AHP-012NY Income Worksheet - New York xls
AHP/APP-111 Income Verification Worksheet xlsm
AHP/APP-001 Application Form xls
FHC-115 Transfer Notification Form pdf
AHP/APP-106 Application Manual for Rental Projects pdf
FHC-117s Documentos de la Retencion pdf
AHP/APP-108 Rental Project Workbook xlsm
HLB-106 Global Authorization Form (replaces HLB-107, HLB-111, HLB-112, and HLB-115 as of 3/3/2008) pdf
Package The Membership Application Package contains all the information and required agreements and forms. You have the option to print out the forms individually in this file. pdf
AHP/APP-110 Application Form - Technical Instructions Guide pdf
AHP-011NJ Mortgage Revenue Bond Income Limits - New Jersey pdf
HCL-FSF Fresh-Start Home Finance Program Application Form pdf
COL-101 Revised Subsidiary/Affiliate Representations and Warranties pdf
AHP-100 2015 AHP Implementation Plan pdf
COL-114 Multifamily/Commercial Loan Required Documents Checklist pdf
FHC-117VI U.S. Virgin Islands Retention Documents pdf
SFK-004 Safekeeping & Securities Services – Federal Reserve Pledge Form xls
COL-115 Assignment of Mortgage Collateral pdf
AHP/APP-109 Project Construction Form xls
COL-143 Collateral Assurance Letter doc
CIP/APP-001 CIP Application pdf
RDA-UDA/APP-001 RDA & UDA Application Form pdf
COL-108 Description of Mortgage Collateral for Submission Form xls
SFK-001 Delivery Instructions and Deadlines for Securities pdf
SFK-003 Custody and Pledging Services – Sale(s)/Delivery(ies) Form pdf
AHP/APP-102 Application Manual for Owner-Occupied Projects pdf
COL-125 Pledge Questionnaire pdf
COL-106 Delivery of Mortgage Collateral Procedures pdf
SFK-002 Custody and Pledging Services – Purchase(s)/Receive(s) Form pdf
AHP/APP-104 Owner Project Workbook xlsm
AHP-119 Recapture Agreement for Rental Projects pdf
AHP/APP-107 Rental Exhibit Cover Pages doc
AHP-114 Promissory Note for Rental Projects pdf
AHP-101 Project Financial Feasibility Analysis Guidelines pdf
MPF/APP-001 Summary of Application, MPF Forms and Implementation Process pdf
HLB-009 For Insurance Companies xlsm
SFK-006 Custody and Pledging Services – Third Party Pledge Form pdf
MLC-002 Member Loan Connection: Loan Submission Form pdf
COL-146 Sample Note Allonge Format pdf
COL-107 Mortgage Status Report Form pdf
AHP-010Instructions for the Use of the Median Income Guidelines ChartsPDF
AHP-011NJMortgage Revenue Bond Income Limits - New JerseyPDF
AHP-011NYMortgage Revenue Bond Income Limits - New YorkPDF
AHP-011PRMortgage Revenue Bond Income Limits - Puerto RicoPDF
AHP-012NJIncome Worksheet - New JerseyXLSX
AHP-012NYIncome Worksheet - New YorkXLSX
AHP-1002015 AHP Implementation PlanPDF
AHP-101Project Financial Feasibility Analysis GuidelinesPDF
AHP-106Rental Project Certification FormPDF
AHP-108Subsidy Agreement & Memorandum of Understanding Owner-Occupied ProjectPDF
AHP-109Subsidy Agreement & Memorandum of Understanding Rental ProjectPDF
AHP-110Instructions Regarding Long Term Retention RequirementsPDF
AHP-111Repayment Mortgage for Owner-Occupied ProjectsPDF
AHP-112Repayment Mortgage Note for Owner-Occupied ProjectsPDF
AHP-113Security Agreement for Rental ProjectsPDF
AHP-114Promissory Note for Rental ProjectsPDF
AHP-115Promissory Note for Rental Projects with Section 811 or Section 202 FundingPDF
AHP-116Security Agreement for Rental ProjectsPDF
AHP-117Rider to Lender's Security AgreementPDF
AHP-118Instructions Regarding Long Term Retention RequirementsPDF
AHP-119Recapture Agreement for Rental ProjectsPDF
AHP-120Promissory NotePDF
AHP-121Rider to Subordinate MortgagePDF
AHP-122The Drawdown Process for Rental ProjectsPDF
AHP-123AHP Funding Application for Rental ProjectsPDF
AHP-124Exhibit Cover Pages - Rental ProjectsPDF
AHP-125Rental Project WorkbookXLSX
AHP-126Rental Income Verification WorksheetXLS
AHP-127The Drawdown Process for Homeowner ProjectsPDF
AHP-128AHP Funding Application for Homeowner ProjectsPDF
AHP-129Rehabilitation of Existing Homes Exhibit Cover PagesPDF
AHP-130Purchase of Existing Homes Exhibit Cover PagesPDF
AHP-131Purchase of Homes Developed by the Project Sponsor Exhibit Cover PagesPDF
AHP-132Homeownership Project WorksheetXLS
AHP-133Final Cost Certification for Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation ProjectsPDF
AHP-137AHomeowner Projects (Construction)PDF
AHP-137BHomeowner Projects (General)PDF
AHP-137CRental Projects (at 6 months)PDF
AHP-137DRental Projects (1st Anniversary)PDF
AHP-137ERental Projects (1½ -Year Anniversary)PDF
AHP-137FRental Projects (2nd Anniversary)PDF
AHP-138AInitial Progress Report - Homeowner ProjectsPDF
AHP-138BInitial Progress Report - Rental ProjectsPDF
AHP-138CSemi-Annual Progress Report - Homeowner ProjectsPDF
AHP-138DSemi-Annual Progress Report - Rental ProjectsPDF
AHP/APP-001Application FormXLSX
AHP/APP-102Application Manual for Owner-Occupied ProjectsPDF
AHP/APP-103Homeowner Exhibit Cover PagesDOCX
AHP/APP-104Owner Project WorkbookXLSM
AHP/APP-106Application Manual for Rental ProjectsPDF
AHP/APP-107Rental Exhibit Cover PagesDOCX
AHP/APP-108Rental Project WorkbookXLSM
AHP/APP-109Project Construction FormXLSX
AHP/APP-110Application Form - Technical Instructions GuidePDF
AHP/APP-111Income Verification WorksheetXLSM
CIP/APP-001CIP ApplicationPDF
COL-012Getting Started with the FHLBNY Mortgage Data ReportingPDF
COL-013Technical Instructions for Transmitting Files Using the FHLBNY File Transfer Service PDF
COL-014Instruction Manual for Web Browser Connections PDF
COL-101Revised Subsidiary/Affiliate Representations and WarrantiesPDF
COL-104Private Placement ChecklistPDF
COL-106Delivery of Mortgage Collateral ProceduresPDF
COL-107Mortgage Status Report FormPDF
COL-108Description of Mortgage Collateral for Submission FormXLS
COL-109Request for Mortgage Collateral WithdrawalXLS
COL-1101-4 Family/Manufactured Housing Loan Required Documents ChecklistPDF
COL-1111-4 Family Loan Required Documents Checklist (Puerto Rico Properties)PDF
COL-112Co-op Loan Required Documents ChecklistPDF
COL-114Multifamily/Commercial Loan Required Documents ChecklistPDF
COL-115Assignment of Mortgage CollateralPDF
COL-116Assignment of Mortgage Collateral (Puerto Rico)PDF
COL-118Multifamily/Commercial Assignment of Mortgage Collateral FormPDF
COL-121Collateral System Mortgage Data Format LayoutPDF
COL-122Collateral System Excel Format TemplateXLS
COL-125Pledge QuestionnairePDF
COL-128Checklist for Submission of Individual Loans of $25MM or More for Proposed ApprovalPDF
COL-129Instructions for Completing Third Party Structure Questionnaires.PDF
COL-130Subsidiary/Affiliate QuestionnairePDF
COL-131Schedule of Customer Subsidiary/Affiliate Structures Status of Pledge or Non-Pledge of AssetsPDF
COL-133Net Equity Worksheet to Determine the Pledge Limit of Subsidiary/Affiliate CollateralPDF
COL-134Non Pledge of Subsidiary Assets Net Equity WorksheetPDF
COL-138FHLBNY Pledging of Purchased Pool GuidelinesPDF
COL-139UCC-1 Filing Information Request FormPDF
COL-143Collateral Assurance LetterDOC
COL-144Submission Form to Request Approval of Participation/Syndication Loans ChecklistPDF
COL-145MERS QuestionnairePDF
COL-146Sample Note Allonge FormatPDF
COL-150Standing Instructions AgreementPDF
COL-151Sample Standing Instructions AgreementPDF
COL/APP-002Member Secure Server Enrollment FormPDF
PackagePackage for applicants who intend to pledge mortgage loans as collateral.PDF
FHC-101Enrollment ReportXLSM
FHC-104Enrollment Terms and Conditions Agreement1PDF
FHC-105Funding CertificationPDF
FHC-110Program GuidelinesPDF
FHC-115Transfer Notification FormPDF
FHC-117Retention DocumentsPDF
FHC-117sDocumentos de la RetencionPDF
FHC-117VIU.S. Virgin Islands Retention DocumentsPDF
FHC/APP-100Club Member ApplicationPDF
HCL-001Photograph Waiver and Release FormPDF
HCL-DRFDisaster Relief Funds Application FormPDF
HCL-FSFFresh-Start Home Finance Program Application FormPDF
HLB-001FHLBNY Rate Indication: Daily email sign-up sheetXLS
HLB-003For Savings & Loan Associations and Federal Savings BanksXLSM
HLB-005For Commercial Banks and State Savings BanksXLSM
HLB-007For Credit UnionsXLSM
HLB-009For Insurance CompaniesXLSM
HLB-011For Community Development Financial InstitutionsXLSM
HLB-100Summary of Forms and AgreementsPDF
HLB-100NSummary of Forms and Agreements for Housing AssociatesPDF
HLB-101Advances, Collateral Pledge and Security Agreement (ACPSA)PDF
HLB-101NACPSA for NonmembersPDF
HLB-102Amendment No. 1PDF
HLB-103Amendment No. 2PDF
HLB-104Correspondent Services Agreement (CSA)PDF
HLB-106Global Authorization Form (replaces HLB-107, HLB-111, HLB-112, and HLB-115 as of 3/3/2008)PDF
HLB-107Global Authorization Form Waiver - Complete only if your Corporate/Assistant Corporate Secretary is authorized to conduct transactions with the FHLBNY.DOC
HLB-108Wire Transfer Agreement 1PDF
HLB-109Application for Advances Pursuant to Telephonic RequestPDF
HLB-110Amendment to Correspondent Services Agreement (1LinkSK)PDF
HLB-112Letter of Credit GuidePDF
HLB-113Revised Member Representations and WarrantiesPDF
HLB-114Instructions for Applying for a FHLBNY Letter of CreditPDF
HLB-115Irrevocable Letter of Credit Reimbursement AgreementPDF
HLB-116Application for Issuance of Irrevocable Letter of CreditPDF
HLB-117MULOC Issuance ApplicationPDF
HLB-118Refundable Municipal Letter of Credit ApplicationPDF
HLB-118RRefundable Municipal Letter of Credit Certification FormPDF
HLB-120Guaranty Agreement 1PDF
HLB-121Special Amendment to the ACPSA 1PDF
HLB-122Member-Guarantor Representations and WarrantiesPDF
HLB-123Non-Member Correspondent Services Agreement 1PDF
HLB-125Callable Advance, Putable Advance, Putable Advance with Customized Strike, Adjustable Rate Advance with Cap and Fixed Rate Advance with Cap Product DisclosurePDF
HLB-126Callable Advance, Putable Advance, Putable Advance with Customized Strike, Adjustable Rate Advance with Cap and Fixed Rate Advance with Cap Customer CertificationPDF
HLB-127Advances Modification CertificationDOC
HLB-128Security Device Application FormPDF
HLB-130Special Amendment to the ACPSAPDF
HLB-131Assistant/Corporate Secretary's CertificatePDF
HLB/APP-001FHLBNY Membership ApplicationPDF
HLB/APP-002FHLBNY Housing Associate Certification ApplicationPDF
PackageThe Membership Application Package contains all the information and required agreements and forms. You have the option to print out the forms individually in this file.PDF
MLC-000Member Loan Connection: Terms and ConditionsPDF
MLC-001Member Loan Connection: Registration FormPDF
MLC-002Member Loan Connection: Loan Submission FormPDF
MPF-200NYS Subprime Home Loan TestPDF
MPF-201Higher-Priced Mortgage Loan TestPDF
MPF/APP-001Summary of Application, MPF Forms and Implementation ProcessPDF
RDA-UDA/APP-001RDA & UDA Application FormPDF
RDA-UDA/APP-002RDA & UDA Application GuidelinesPDF
SFK-001Delivery Instructions and Deadlines for SecuritiesPDF
SFK-002Custody and Pledging Services – Purchase(s)/Receive(s) Form PDF
SFK-003Custody and Pledging Services – Sale(s)/Delivery(ies) FormPDF
SFK-004Safekeeping & Securities Services – Federal Reserve Pledge FormXLS
SFK-005Custody and Pledging Services – NJ Department of Banking and Insurance GUDPA FormPDF
SFK-006Custody and Pledging Services – Third Party Pledge FormPDF
SFK-007Securities Account Control AgreementPDF