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The pace of change and the associated impacts on business can be difficult for financial institutions to monitor and manage. The Federal Home Loan Bank of New York (FHLBNY) has a diverse membership and closely monitors the operating landscape of all our members to help them turn challenges into opportunities. We encourage you to take full advantage of your membership and use our Education Programs to assist with your strategic planning.

We can host the session at our corporate headquarters in New York City or meet at a location convenient to you.

The following programs are available upon request:

Member-Director Education Sessions

Member-Director Education sessions are specifically created for our members' board directors and management team. Interest in this program has grown significantly because it can be added as an educational segment to your existing board meetings. Sessions are custom-tailored to demonstrate how the FHLBNY can be leveraged to better serve the interests and the fiduciary needs of your customers and shareholders, and ensure that your institution is getting the most out of its membership in our cooperative. 

Topics include (but are not exclusive to):
  • FHLBank System Overview, Earnings, and Financial Highlights (including FHLBank Debt Issuance Program, Washington Update and more)
  • FHLBNY Membership Benefits and Trends (including how to leverage the benefits of our unique partnership)
  • FHLBNY Products, Services, and Programs (including Advance Product Offerings/Trends, Letters of Credit, Community Lending and Housing Programs and more)
  • Strategic Planning (including Liquidity Planning, Funding Strategies and Industry Trends)

Strategic Financial Planning Workshops

Strategic Financial Planning Workshops, coordinated in partnership with financial consulting firms, are hands-on workshops that take a deep dive into strategies specific to your institution to help you gain and maintain sustainable earnings growth.
Workshops can be hosted at our corporate headquarters in New York City or an off-site location depending on the size of your group. A portion of our consultant fees are passed on to you to develop your custom-tailored program.

Municipality Education

Municipality Education sessions are fully customizable programs developed for members and their municipal customers to discuss the FHLBank System, the potential advantages of the FHLBNY’s Municipal Letters of Credit, the importance of the product’s triple-A rating, and the mechanics of the issuance process.
“We were very pleased that the President of the FHLBNY and their management team were present at the meeting, and that they treated our very small credit union ($15 million in assets) and our Board of Directors the same way as they treat any other financial institution. It was a great experience and we are very thankful.” – Mira Ness, President & CEO, NYU Federal Credit Union, New York, NY

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