Answer the following questions to see if you qualify for membership at the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York or jump to the Preliminary/Eligibility worksheets.

Preliminary/Eligibility Worksheets

You can do a preliminary analysis to further determine whether your institution qualifies for membership by completing the relevant worksheets using data mainly from your regulatory financial reports or you may request that a Calling Officer performs the analysis for you.

The following worksheets are in Excel format. Complete and date the worksheets relevant to you.

  • HLB-005For Commercial Banks and Thrift Institutions
  • HLB-007For Credit Unions
  • HLB-009For Insurance Companies
  • HLB-011For Community Development Financial Institutions


For more information about membership, visit our Membership FAQs.

Need Assistance?
Contact the Membership Team at (212) 441-6787 or a Calling Officer at (212) 441-6700 for help.