Forms, Guidelines and Agreements

Homebuyer Dream ProgramTM

Prior to the completion and submission of the request, we recommend you review the tutorials available on FHLBNY's YouTube channel, displayed below.

If you need assistance with these forms or agreements, please contact us at


Household Reservation Request

HDP Household Reservation Request tutorial

How to Calculate Income

HDP How to Calculate Income tutorial

Funding Request

HDP Funding Request tutorial

Homebuyer Dream Program Training Webinar
Recording of webinar held on June 6, 2019

HDP training webinar

Forms & Agreements
HDP-001 HDP Member Participation Agreement PDF
HDP-002 HDP Secure File Transfer Enrollment Form PDF
HDP-004 HDP Homebuyer Certification PDF
HDP-005 Homebuyer Dream Program Request Form XLSX
HDP-006 Retention Documents PDF
HDP-006PR Retention Documents (for Puerto Rico only) PDF
HDP-006COOP Co-Op Intention to Record PDF
HDP-006FHA FHA Retention Documents PDF
HDP-006FHAPR FHA Retention Documents (for Puerto Rico only) PDF
AHP/HDP-001 AHP/HDP Zero-Income Certification PDF
AHP-150 Affordable Housing Program (AHP) Recapture Request Form XLSX
Supplemental Guidelines & Policies
HDP-003 Homebuyer Dream Program Guidelines PDF
AHP-100 2019 AHP Implementation Plan PDF
AHP-011NJ Mortgage Revenue Bond Income Limits - New Jersey PDF
AHP-011NY Mortgage Revenue Bond Income Limits - New York PDF
AHP-011PR Mortgage Revenue Bond Income Limits - Puerto Rico PDF
AHP-011USVI HUD Income Limits - U.S. Virgin Islands PDF


If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us at or review program details in the Homebuyer Dream ProgramTM Guidelines
We look forward to working with you to address the diverse affordable housing needs of your communities.


Members subject to the federal CRA must complete Part 1 of the FHFA Community Support Statement


FHC Enrollment Period Deadline

FHC Enrollment Period deadline is the 10th of each month.

FHC Success Stories

First Home Clubsm Recipient Spotlight
Member: The Summit Federal Credit Union
Recipients: Darlyn Colon

Family Realizes Their Home Ownership Dream
Member: Ulster Savings Bank
Recipients: The Brehse Family

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