Developing U

Developing U kick starts its first session of the year: Collateral Matters 

The FHLBNY Collateral Review Department kicked off the first session of our Developing U series last month with Collateral Matters — a presentation detailing the Department’s full loan evaluation and margin calculation process. 

Developing U - Collateral Matters - NJ

In brief, the presentation included the following key points:

  • Once a member has pledged collateral to FHLBNY, the Collateral Review Department is responsible for appraising the value of the collateral as well as determining its level of risk to the lender.
  • The process is essential for protecting the collateral position of FHLBNY and enabling FHLBNY to provide liquidity in the form of a secured loan known as an advance.
  • Advances, which comprise our largest asset category, provide member funding in support of our mission: affordable housing and community development.

Collateral Matters marked the first Developing U session of the new year. A four-part peer-led education and training program, Developing U is intended to encourage a better rounded banking career while also ensuring that FHLBNY employees gain institutional knowledge.

Developing U - Collateral Matters

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