Corporate Governance

The Federal Home Loan Bank of New York (FHLBNY), like all the other Federal Home Loan Banks, is governed by a Board of Directors, comprising Member Directors (who consist of officers and directors of member institutions) and Independent Directors (who are not affiliated with member institutions). Member Directors are elected by the FHLBNY's membership on a statewide basis; Independent Directors are elected by the FHLBNY's membership on a districtwide basis. The FHLBNY also has a Housing Advisory Council, which reports annually to the Federal Housing Finance Agency on the FHLBNY’s low-income housing activities. The advisory council consists of members from community-based non-profit organizations to advise on the low-income housing needs of our district.

About the FHLBNY's 2016 Director Election

In General
Election Announcement packages containing nomination certificates and other related information regarding the 2016 Director election process were mailed to all eligible stockholders in our district on June 24, 2016. One Member Director seat representing New Jersey, two Member Director seats representing New York, and two districtwide Independent Director seats will be up for election later this year for terms that will each begin on January 1, 2017. A list of key dates in this year’s election is available here: List of Key 2016 Election Dates.

Director Election Process Underway

Please look out for our Director Election ballot package which is currently scheduled for distribution to eligible members on September 30. Your vote is very important, so we ask that you take the time to review the package upon receipt and promptly return your ballot to the FHLBNY.

The FHLBNY’s Board of Directors consists of a talented group of dedicated individuals that benefits from, among other things, demographic (including gender and racial) diversity, and we expect that this will continue in the future.  When considering potential nominations for Member Directorships and persons who might be interested in Independent Directorships, the FHLBNY suggests that diversity be kept in mind. 

For more information, director election questions can be sent to the General Counsel.

Corporate Governance Guidelines of the FHLBNY

Adopted by the Board: February 18, 2016

The Board of Directors (Board) of the FHLBNY, acting on the recommendation of its Corporate Governance and External Affairs Committee, has adopted a set of guidelines in furtherance of its continuing efforts to enhance its corporate governance. 

View Corporate Governance Guidelines


FHLBNY Board Committee Charters & Roster

2016 Board of Directors
as of January 2016


2016 Board Committee Roster
as of January 2016

Executive Committee Charter
as of March 2016


Audit Committee Charter
as of March 2016

Compensation and Human Resources Committee Charter
as of March 2016


Corporate Governance and External Affairs Committee Charter
as of March 2016

Housing Committee Charter
as of March 2016


Strategic Planning Committee Charter
as of March 2016

Risk Committee Charter
as of March 2016


Technology Committee Charter
as of March 2016

Other Important FHLBNY Documents and Information

as of February 2016


Restated Organization Certificate
as of December 2005

Code of Business Conduct and

as of December 2015


Reporting Ethics Violations

Regulations Regarding Responsibilities of Boards of Directors, Corporate Practices and Corporate Governance Matters
as of December, 2015

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