2017 Paintfest Event

A Gift of Art and Healing at the FHLBNY 

Federal Home Loan Bank of New York (FHLBNY) gathered in the lunch room on Valentine’s Day for PaintFest, the first employee event of the year.

Dually emphasizing employee engagement and community outreach, PaintFest—made possible through the Foundation for Hospital Art—created a fun way for staff to mingle with their colleagues as they painted for a cause.   At the FHLBNY, our team-building activities and employee events are tied to charitable giving.

Founded in 1975, The Foundation for Hospital Art is dedicated to involving patients and volunteers worldwide to create artwork which is donated to local hospitals, serving as not only a show of compassion and support, but a colorful, soothing backdrop to contribute to patient healing.

José González, President and CEO of the FHLBNY, made the first brushstroke to kick off the event, and noted that the decision to schedule Paintfest on February 14th was not a coincidence.

“We are hosting our first event of the year on Valentine’s Day, as we open our hearts to the Foundation for Hospital Art,” President González said.

For the third consecutive year, the FHLBNY Activities Committee has tied our calendar of employee events to charitable giving in order to make a difference in the community.

2017 FHLBNY Paintfest


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