Setting up your Security Device for Windows 7:


The set-up for Windows 7 should take approximately 15 minutes per part.


Please review the system requirements and make sure your PC is setup accordingly prior to starting this Security Device setup. In addition, your system administrator must complete Part 1 before you can set up a signing key on your Security Device.


Part 1: System Administrator Configuration

Part 2: User Configuration

A System Administrator must install Java JRE onto the user's computer so they can sign transactions according to the java instructions and system requirements.

Windows Domain Considerations for Windows 7

  1. Set the Group Policy over the banking PC to permit Security Device Unblock following these instructions.
  2. If you have restricted automatic driver updates/installation, please follow these Windows 7 Gemalto Driver instructions.

When you are done installing Java JRE, the Gemalto Drivers, or setting the Group Policy, please restart the banking PC to ensure the changes are in place.


After Part 1 is complete, you will need your two activation codesYou should have received two very important emails from 1LinkSecurityServices@fhlbny.com and 1LinkSecurityServices@managed.entrust.com that contained your activation codes. These codes expire 2 weeks from the date it was sent. If you do not receive these emails, please ask your IT department to check your spam filter. If you need further assistance, contact the 1Link Helpdesk at 800-546-5101, and after the prompt, press 2 - 3 - 3 for 1Link Security Services. that you received via e-mail to proceed to the following steps:

  • Install the USB Security Device
  • Select your PIN for the Security Device
  • Create your signing key
  • Verify that your device is working

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* For spam filtering purposes, please ensure both 1LinkSecurityServices@managed.entrust.com and 1LinkSecurityServices@fhlbny.com are permitted senders.

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