Instructions for Setting up your Security Device:

Upon the receipt of your Security Device, you must setup the device with a digital 1Link transaction signing certificate following the instructions in this guide.


You will receive two very important emails from 1LinkSecurityServices@managed.entrust.com and 1LinkSecurityServices@fhlbny.com. One email will contain your assigned reference number, and the second email will contain your authorization code. You need both of these together in order to activate your Security Device. Once you have the codes, please activate your Security Device as soon as possible. The codes will expire exactly 2 weeks from the date they were sent.


If you do not receive these emails, please ask your IT department to check your spam filter. If you need further assistance, contact the 1Link Helpdesk at 800-546-5101, and after the prompt, press 2 - 3 - 3 for 1Link Security Services or e-mail us at 1LinkSecurityServices@fhlbny.com.*


Begin the set up for your new Security Device:

Windows 7


* For spam filtering purposes, please ensure both 1LinkSecurityServices@managed.entrust.com and 1LinkSecurityServices@fhlbny.com are permitted senders.