Alfred A. DelliBovi: 2014 Clara Fox Award for Outstanding Achievement

Al DelliBovi, former President of the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York, was honored by the New York Housing Conference and National Housing Conference at the organizations’ 41st Annual Awards Program. Mr. DelliBovi, who has devoted his entire career – including his 21-year tenure at the helm of the FHLBNY – to housing, received the prestigious Clara Fox Award for Outstanding Achievement. FHLBNY President and CEO José González, who chaired the event, noted that “Al’s life is his work. He continues to be active in community organizations and on boards of directors, and, in particular, advising me and helping me to continue his great work at the FHLBNY.” Upon accepting the award, Al stated that: “[Clara Fox] was first and foremost a houser, and she taught every one of us who are here today that the best thing we can do is provide good, safe affordable housing, and the next best thing we can do is do it again.”