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Member Loan Connection

Do you from time to time see loan opportunities that are larger than your legal lending limit or just too large to feel comfortable originating? Do loans-to-one borrower limitations restrict your origination efforts for commercial real estate or multifamily loans?


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Our Member Loan Connection (MLC) is the solution. Through this service, the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York (HLB) provides a communication exchange between our community-based member lenders who would like to sponsor or invest in loan participations with other HLB members. Members in the MLC network can connect with potential buyers or sellers through this free service.

These web pages will assist you through the process of registering, submitting, and viewing loans for participation. You can navigate through each step on the left.

The HLB is providing this new service to create opportunities for our members to generate assets, adding value to your business. Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with other HLB members.

As always, we value your membership in the HLB and look forward to our ongoing partnership.




Candice Soldano(212) 441-6773


Email: mlc@fhlbny.com
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