1Link Features

1Linksm is the HLB's secure internet banking system designed just for members. Since its inception, 1Link has proved to be an efficient, alternate channel for accessing information and reports, and performing everyday transactions online.

The system platform is convenient and user-friendly, offering the latest technology, added flexibility, real-time postings for all reporting functions, and enhanced transaction processing functionality!

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1Link system features include:

Modern Look and Feel for Enhanced Navigation — streamlined navigation giving the system a cleaner, more modern look.

Flexibility and User Control — The dashboard feature allows you to personalize 1Link and tailor it to your needs.

  • Get easy access to your financial information by adding widgets (mini applications) to your dashboard
  • Set and reset your own password and alerts in the Preferences menu
  • View online tutorials and help at your convenience

Dynamic Reporting — Reports are customizable and real-time info gives you up-to-the-minute data. Prior and Current Day Balances screens can be easily customized, giving you the ability to filter, reorder, and perform calculations on the columns, as well as change the font colors and styles!

Information Reporting Features

Transactions Processing Benefits — 1Link utilizes advanced technology and security procedures to create a safe banking environment for members to conveniently perform everyday transactions online, like safekeeping trades, transferring funds, and initiating advances. All this can be done in the Transactions tab in the 1Link system.

More Transactions Features

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